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We also collect greeting cards at our crops - both blank and ones with messages inside and send them to Soldiers Angels to distribute to the soldiers directly overseas to various contacts as well. These cards are very important to the soldiers to keep them connected to their family and friends and to show our support for what they are doing. 

I would like to invite everyone to create handmade cards for the soldiers. It only takes one card to make a difference for a soldier.

Blank greeting cards--Birthday, thank you, thinking of you, anniversary...anything!!! There are no Hallmark stores in Iraq or Afghanistan so these cards are really appreciated by our Soldiers!

We recently received an email from L. Powell in Iraq about our cards:

The handmade cards are a BIG hit out here! One of the fire-fighters has a wife at home and she's expecting a little girl any day now. He was a little "down" on Monday. I have a card (from Afghanistan) and it's a "WELCOME HOME BABY" card so I showed it to him and told him we would all sign it and send it to his wife once the little one arrives. He couldn't believe it... He asked where in the world did I get the card!!?? I told him it traveled millions of miles from the USA to Afghanistan and then to Iraq... Just for his new baby. You should have seen the look on his face!

This is what it's all about. You have no idea how many hearts you touch when you are crafting these mini works of art. The love you put into making the cards, then the love we put inside of the cards when we write ... To our families back in the USA these are the things they will remember for a life-time.

When I received this email I immediately started making more cards. It was such a motivation to me and I hope it will be to you.

Whether you can send one card or a hundred, this is a great opportunity to help our soldiers! 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for supporting our soldiers!

Mail greeting cards with envelopes to:

Jennifer Cernoch, Ph.D.

Soldiers’ Angels

2700 NE Loop 410, Suite 310

San Antonio, TX  78217

Please include a note that you heard about them from the Scrapping for Soldiers website!

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