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Whoever said freedom was free never loved a soldier

6291_1124294835397_1467908756_30419792_3450029_nAs we are all well aware, American Soldiers are currently deployed to different countries all over the world. Making telephone calls is difficult and expensive for them however, it is of the utmost importance to both the soldier and his/her family that they do so.John-fex Dec 07

Julie Berg is the proud mother of an Army Airborne soldier that has deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan and Kristie Lippert is the wife of a recently retired Navy Seabee and was raised in a military family.

We have chosen Soldiers Angels as the charity we are supporting!  Soldiers’ Angels has a variety of programs that help deployed soldiers, wounded warriors, military families, and our veterans. You can find out more about this fabulous organization at www.soldiersangels.org      


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We have been helping deployed soldiers since August 2007

and appreciate all the support from our scrappers and sponsors!

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